Join us for our REGISTRATION DAYS! September 6th & 7th! 
Join us for our REGISTRATION DAYS! September 6th & 7th! 

Dance Education Program

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." -Martha Graham

TTSPAC's Dance Education Program is based off a standard levels system. Each student will be taught a set dance curriculum that has been customized based off their age and technical level. This standardized system allows the student to receive a continuous progressive dance education. Our program is offered to students ages 2.5-18.

Dance Styles



Hip Hop




Musical Theater

Pointe (at the digression of the instructor)



Class Sizes

*All group classes are capped at 8 students*

Solo- 1 student

Duo- 2 students

Trio- 3 students

​Group- 4-8 students


*No student is ever required to perform*


We offer 2-3 competitions every year. Competition opportunities are offered to all students. We do not have a competition team. Our competitions are typically in March, May, and November.

End of the Year Recital-

We hold an end of the Year Recital for all students in June. This recital is used to showcase all of the hard work and time each student has put in to their dance education throughout the year. It is also an opportunity for each student to perform on a stage under the lights! Costumes are required for recital. More information about the recital is handed out between January and May.

Community Performances-

We participate in multiple community performances throughout the year. The students who perform in these are determined by the teacher and Artistic Director.

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