Join us for our REGISTRATION DAYS! September 6th & 7th! 
Join us for our REGISTRATION DAYS! September 6th & 7th! 

Vocal Education Program

"The only thing better than singing is more singing." -Ella Fitzgerald

TTSPAC's Vocal Education Program is for students ages 5-18 who would like to expand their performing arts training in singing. In these classes each student will learn how to safely, and properly sing without injuring their vocal chords. They will also learn music theory. Each student will be given the chance to learn songs within any genre of music they would like. There are many performance opportunities for these students.

Examples of Genres




Musical Theater



Class Sizes

*All group classes are capped at 8 students*

Solo- 1 student

Duo- 2 students

Trio- 3 students

​Group- 4-8 students


*No student is ever required to perform*


We offer our vocal students the opportunity to compete at regional competitions. Please let the instructor know if this is something your student is interested in. 

End of the Year Recital-

We hold an end of the Year Recital for all students in June. This recital is used to showcase all of the hard work and time each student has put in to their vocal education throughout the year. It is also an opportunity for each student to perform on a stage under the lights! 

Community Performances-

We participate in multiple community performances throughout the year. The students who perform in these are determined by the teacher and Artistic Director.

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